Emission Control Systems

ServoTech Industries, Since inception has been a leader in design and manufacturing of gas cleaning, exhaust and stack emissions reduction and control systems for applications including power plants, industrial, chemical, refineries , generators, stationary large engines, cars, and trucks.
ServoTech Industries and its affiliate Ameriair Industries offer products and components for emissions control and abetment systems (De-NOx, De-SOx, PM) enabling various industries and applications meeting their regulatory emissions standards.
ServoTech advanced electronics technology provides remote monitoring of plants emissions control systems and fenceline monitoring to ensure regulatory compliance and low cost maintenance programs.

Together with Ameriair Industries, ServoTech offers the following products for a complete turnkey solution to reduce NOx, SOx, PM (Particulate Maters), acids, CO, and hazardous hydrocarbons such as benzene for gas flow over 1,000,000 CFM:

ServoTech Emission Control System

Emission System Components

NOxRedux™ Active SCR System
Catalyst Component
Reductant Dosing Unit
Urea Injector / Nozzle
NOxRedux™ Control Unit


SCR, cold and hot exhaust gas


Wet Scrubbers
Dry Injection Scrubbing System
Semi-Dry Acid Gas Scrubbing System
Combination Semi-Dry and
Wet Acid Gas Scrubbing System

PM & Ash Reduction Unit

Dry Filteration
Mechanical Cyclone Collectors

Remote Monitoring

Abetment System Monitoring
Fenceline Air Integrated Monitoring
Analyzes, & Report, FAIMAR

EGU Required Air pollution Control Systems

Clean Coal Thermal Power Plants
Oil Fired Power Plant EGU
Gas Fired Power Plant EGU

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