Breathing, Respiratory and Inhalation Safety Kit

BRISK R&D Program:
ServoTech is developing Breathing, Respiratory and Inhalation Safety Kit, BRISK that will greatly reduce toxic gases, particulates, and viruses in human breathing air. BRISK improve safety of Fire fighters, first responders, soldiers in war theaters, labors working in industries such as coal mines, refineries, and other polluting manufacturing. BRISK will reduce the risk of air pollution and airborne transmission of viruses such as COVID-19 for general population. BRISK will increase the oxygen intake by enhancing lung functions. The technology involves several stages of R&D of developing catalytic type materials such as creams, powder and porous substrates to be applied on the filters or masks to filter the toxins, convert toxins to inert materials, and enhance deep berating for a higher Oxygen intake.

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