1- SCR, Selective Catalytic Reduction
2- Selective Non-catalytic Reduction (SNCR)

ServoTech De-NOx Systems

1- SCR, Selective Catalytic Reduction

Cold and Hot Exhaust Gas
ServoTech NOxRedux™ SCR System

ServoTech SCR Systems (NOxRedux™) reduces NOx levels from stack and exhaust by 98%. NOxRedux™-urea and NOxRedux™-NH3 are the most effective systems for stack and exhaust NOx reduction for applications in chemical plants, power plants, gen-sets, locomotive, marine engines, food and beverage industries, ovens and boilers fueled with liquid/ gaseous/Coal.

NOxRedux SCR system is the most effective NOx reduction technology for clean coal power plants and refineries where the reduction is about 3 folds of SCNR systems that commonly used.

NOxRedux Models:

1- NOxRedux- UREA (reductant agent: UREA)
2- NOxRedux- AQNH3 (reductant agent: AQUEOUS Ammonia)
3- NOxRedux-NH3 (reductant agent: Anhydrous Ammonia)

NOxRedux Technology:

Maximum NOx reduction efficiency (>95%)
Easy access to catalyst for periodic service
Virtually no slip of ammonia to atmosphere
Reliable reductant dosing injection system based on a closed loop strategy ensuring the minimum reductant usage
Lower investment and operating cost
Ensures below maximum allowable pressure drop

NOxRedux Package Systems Include:

SCR Catalyst components and housing(SCR and Ammonia Slip Catalyst, ASC)
Reductant dosing unit and nozzle (urea, NH3)
Electronic Control Unit , ECU, for total system
Sensors (NOx, Temperature, Back Pressure)
Wiring Harness
OBD System
Optional Reductant Tank (UREA, Aqueous Ammonia, Anhydrous Ammonia)
Training at ServoTech site (Field Installation is offered)
Optional Remote Monitoring, diagnostics, and troubleshooting
Optional Regulatory Reporting
Operating Manuals
Optional Set up / Startup of the System

2- Selective Non-catalytic Reduction (SNCR)

Ammonia is injected into the flue gas (high Temperature) via chemical reactions reducing NOx up to 40%
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